About BizLitKids

VISION: To help water the "CEO seeds" lying dormant in kids.

MISSION: To Educate, Cultivate, and Celebrate kids so they can Believe, Build, and Become! 

LEARNING GOALS: Develop entrepreneur mindset, capitalize on creativity, identify and solve problems, exercise interpersonal skills, solve basic financial calculations, and more! Check out full curriculum HERE!

APPROACH: Through a fun, yet challenging approach students discover the value in their own vision and voice. Kids will play an interactive role in initiating and developing a business plan that stems from their very own ideas. Learning through light lecture, interactive activities and strategic games!

COMING SOON! Distant Learning (online) . Opt in to join the wait list to stay informed when doors open!


10 Reasons Why It's Not Too Early 

  1. Standardized testing is most common. Opportunities for students to innovate and create based on their distinct strengths have become rare.

  2. Problem-solving has been taught in schools for decades but problem identification has not. Entrepreneurial studies highlight this skill.

  3. The demanding and uncertain entrepreneurship journey requires more passion and sustained persistence than most other activities.

  4. Learning how to learn is an important safeguard for people growing up in an era of rapid change.

  5. Entrepreneurs aim to help others by seeking to solve problems, meet needs, and ease pain points.

  6. Hobbies and leisure time could become purposeful, productive and maybe even profitable. 

  7. Allowing children to fail, and then build on that failure, is key when currently their success hinges on a single letter grade. Yet in business, failure is just another opportunity to learn and pivot. 

  8. The common idea that others have to lose so you can win is misleading and not a mindset of abundance.

  9. According to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs survey, half of today's work activities could be automated by 2055, creating completely new roles, responsibilities, and challenges for the future workforce.

  10. Entrepreneurial education teaches students critical life skills that will help them navigate an uncertain future.


Kia Simmons

Program Director & Instructor

Hi there! My name is Kia and I'm a passionate entrepreneur with strong expertise in Project Management, Goal Execution, & Leadership! Although, instead of going over my resume, achievements and career accolades I believe it is more beneficial to reverse engineer my entrepreneurial journey. I invite you to trace my tendencies to see just how far back the mindset goes and how it all truly started. In transparency, somethings could have been better refined and at times....redirected!

Pre-School (Age 2-4)

I remember it like yesterday...it was around Easter time because my daycare planned an Easter egg hunt for us in the playground area. I clenched my basket as I waited inside anticipating them yelling "Go!". I raced out the door scanning high and low. Finding eggs quicker than my counterparts, my basket was loaded! I was so proud. I knew I had worked hard and it had paid off! That was until a staff member came over to my overflowing basket of eggs and took some away to evenly distribute them among all the kids. (Even the kids who just stood there crying when they said "Go!"). I started sobbing as I was confused. I was deflated and I felt robbed! I didn't understand what the point of the hunt was if at the end they were just going to evenly pass them out, earned or not. Somehow, already at this age I knew that was not how the real world worked. I refused to believe if I chose to do absolutely nothing, I would reap the same reward evenly as those who worked hard!

Junior High (Age 10-13)

I discovered a trending market demand in my school for plastic "gimp" bracelets and began taking orders pricing them based on number of colors, style, length, and turn-around time. Even started peddling the raw materials themselves, with a convenience fee of course. *insert evil laugh* Around this time, I also enjoyed sewing. I offered to make purses from jeans and pillows with different fabrics/prints. Charging for materials and by the size of course! During this time I was also servicing international youth penpals online by helping them practice English in exchange for little souvenirs from their country. (i.e. stickers, stamps, tiny trinkets, etc).Reflecting back, that was very unsafe to provide my address over the internet.

College (Age 17+)

I began college at 17 with my sight set on one day opening a Marriage & Family therapy practice I had just learned existed. I somehow managed to research and map out the route to get there including licensure etc. I had my work cut out for me! I remember having periodic “midlife crisis” where I would text my Career Development director “I'm Coming In Now!”. Per usual, he would ease my worries and remind me I was way ahead of the curve. It wasn’t until years later that I consistently began self-educating on what it meant to be an entrepreneur, starting a business and "fumbled" my way through establishing (3) different business types: DBA(Doing Business As), INC (Incorporation) and 501(c)3 (Non-profit) status. Even though I was still pivoting business models for myself, I had the pleasure to inspire and assist others in launching their own business!

Elementary (Age 5-9)

I enjoyed and was quite well at drawing, so I would charge classmates for custom graffiti-style block lettered drawings. Also, our house was the hang out spot for neighborhood kids to jump on the trampoline so I started making "Cool-Cups" (frozen juice) to sell. At some point, I even decided to go brick and mortar and built a clubhouse outdoors from scrap items and plotted to charge membership. I hand-made the "B-Eazy" membership cards and would paste cutout polaroid headshots on it to ensure there could be no fraud entry. I had the drive to generate forms of income by offering value but sometimes my efforts were wrong and misplaced. For example, I once "'found" a bag of mini toys at the local church I attended and being market-minded began my plan for pricing and profit. I excitingly and eagerly laid all my "loot" on the bedroom floor. Grouping and giving each one paper labels for pricing. Everything was going well...that was until my grandmother walked in and recognized all the church's Sunday School prizes laid out!

High School (Age 14-17)

As early as 14, (I may or may not have fibbed on the app) I landed freelance admin, tech, and marketing gigs online! To land them, I fumbled my way through navigating proposal writing, bidding wars, creating professional presentations, and set up my payment through Paypal. I managed to make a couple hundred dollars per gig! Then, I found additional ways to earn by finding old, unused jewelry and pawning it. In the spirit of repurposing, I found unused items around the house and traded others on Craigslist (not recommended) for things I preferred. (i.e. two skateboards for a miniature electronic tablet). Another source of teen I generated was from being a creative. I designed T-shirts by hand with iron-on letters, glitter, and fabric paint. I charged for materials, design complexity, length of lettering, etc. I'm almost positive there were other ventures that are just slipping my mind...


I am the proud owner & CEO of Vivid Business Solutions, LLC helping businesses launch initiatives, streamline systems, scale, & save by providing expert project delivery. I also offer coaching & business start-up assistance for new or aspiring entrepreneurs! I serve businesses, I serve adults, and now I desire to serve kids too. I often recognize glimpses of myself in kids and where they typically are muted I instead give them a mic. My heart behind the program is based on my belief that a little education, cultivation, and celebration goes a long way!

Why should any of this matter to you? The signs and behaviors were there but I didn't have access to representation or education regarding entrepreneurship. In fact, most of my "endeavors" were done under the radar without my parents awareness. Which at times actually put me in harms way. I spent the majority of my childhood and youth maintaining good grades and performing well in jobs BUT there was always the looming question of "Is this all to life?".

I dismissed my ideas. My creativity was suppressed. I disqualified myself. I didn't know it was possible to one day work for yourself, help others, have peace, AND have finances! If only I had the opportunity to be educated earlier and received affirmations towards my unique gifts and not just good letter grades...This is the very reason I believe we have to Educate, Cultivate, and Celebrate kids. Enlightening them on entrepreneurial options while their imagination is at peak is key. I wish someone could have watered my "CEO seeds" back then. I challenge you to help me teach kids how to capitalize on their creativity instead of denying it! 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Any knowledge requirements for students? Ages 7-12. Read and write on a 2nd grade level or above. 

  • What is included in registration? Summer Bootcamp, T-Shirt, Swag Sunglasses, BizLitKids Roadmap Workbook, Certificate of Completion, Limited Snacks

  • Why is there a cohort cap? A student cohort cap will be enforced to enhance interpersonal engagement, build community and opportunity for tailored teachings.

  • Is it too early to start developing this mindset? Check out our 10 Reasons Why It's Not Too Early section

  • What skills will my child get to exercise? Check out our Skill Development Value section 

  • What are COVID standards/protocols? Masks welcomed but not mandated. Seating will be standardly spaced. Hand sanitizer will be accessible.

  • What does my child need to bring? Listening skills, excitement, willingness to learn, and a smile :)

  • What shouldn't my child bring? Anything of high cost, sentimental value, or that is easily broken

  • What is the incident protocol? In the case of a behavioral, accident, illness, or emotional disturbance an incident report will be sent home with child.

  • What is the disciplinary procedure? If child is continually not compliant, negatively impacting others experience, being a distraction, disrespecting items/others, or become a danger to themselves/others the emergency contact will be contacted immediately for pick-up! Return depends on extent of offense and is at full discretion of program personnel. In the case of expulsion, no refund will be provided.

  • What is the format of the program? LIVE instructor-led cohort. Modular lessons building on each other.

  • Is there an online/virtual option?  A Distant Learning option is coming soon! Opt in HERE to join the wait list to stay informed when doors open!

  • Who will be the instructor/leader? Kia Simmons is a trail blazing Clay County native, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Globetrotter, Senior Project Manager, Retired International Professional Athlete, and Philanthropist with a heart to empower others. Dive into her journey and heart behind the program HERE.

  • Who is the Presenting Sponsor for the program?  Vivid Business Solutions, LLC